Hi, I'm Brandon.

I'm a software engineer in South Florida.


My name is Brandon Sachs, and I'm a software engineer living in Broward County, Florida.

I work mainly in PHP and JavaScript, but can be found using C# and Python occasionally.




(the non-boring ones, at least)
RadioEnhancer (formerly known as PandoraEnhancer) is a Google Chrome extension that removes ads, scrobbles to Last.fm, displays song change notifications, and improves Pandora's awesome HTML5 interface.

It's been featured on sites such as Lifehacker and a whole lot of others.

As of November 2013, RadioEnhancer has over 63,000 active users.

Written in JavaScript/CSS3 using Chrome/Last.fm API's.

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AlbumSnapper is a tweak for jailbroken iOS devices that adds an album selection feature to the stock Apple camera app, allowing you to quickly organize your pictures and create new albums on the fly.

AlbumSnapper was blogged about on sites such as iDownloadBlog, ModMyI, and more. It can be found in the default repositories used by Cydia for $0.99. Reading this and want a free copy? Drop me a line!

Written in Objective-C.

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Chrome Nightly Updater+ 2 is a multithreaded Windows application that automatically downloads the latest Google Chrome developer nightly builds. Features include auto check/download, changelog viewer, and backup management.

Written in C#.

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mobileAlert is a jQuery plugin for use with the jQuery Mobile framework. It is an "alert" dialog plugin, and to my knowledge, was the first plugin of it's type made specifically for jQuery Mobile.

Written in JavaScript/jQuery, using CSS3 keyframes for animation.



Simple Tic Tac Toe game. Consists of 2 parts: the game logic, and the graphics. Uses HTML5 canvas to draw the game board. There's also a fully playable console version. In fact, if you check your console log, you can play right now!

Written in JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas

Looks up comic release dates from supported publishers websites (DC, Marvel, Image) and puts them on your Google Calendar. Uses OAuth for login. See Github page for usage instructions.

Written in Python

In A Minute is a tweak for iOS devices that enables fine-grained selection of minutes in time selectors system-wide, and in any application that uses UIDatePicker. The default is 5-minute intervals, this small tweak changes it to 1-minute intervals.

In a Minute was blogged about on sites such as ModMyI, iDownloadBlog, and more. It can be found in the default repositories used by Cydia.

Written in Logos/Objective-C.

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Match In Music is a plugin for two popular iOS tweaks - SBSettings and NCSettings. It provides a convenient toggle for the system setting "Show All Music", without having to launch the Settings.app and navigate to that section.
It can be found in the default repositories used by Cydia.

Match In Music has since been updated to support the new switch API called Flipswitch, and its functionality has been improved.

Written in Logos/Objective-C.

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And plenty more.